Aselina Kravchenko
The limit of your possibilities is a myth.
There's no gift, there's only damn hard work.
Your future is now. Do it.



The first - Russian Academy of Sciences, psychophysiology, neural mechanisms of regulation of functional states.

The second - Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the negotiation process in international relations.

More - Academy of Bodybuilding and Fitness, personal trainer in bodybuilding and fitness.


Russian, English, Spanish, German, Turkish


Choreography; Gymnastics; Belly-dance (Tribal); Modern dances (R'n'b, Hip-Hop); Ballroom dances (Latino, Standart);
Acrobatics (Pole-fitness); Bodyfitness

Participant and winner of the various competitions

Certified trainer, director of arbitrary programs, owner of the several medals as a champion coach.

Successful instructor who works with foreign clients, the clients who have health restrictions and also with children.

Experienced teacher at courses for trainers in BB and Pole-fitness.